fugu GFX

FuGu is a company founded in the year 2000 by Ariel Martian and Songgu Kwon.  We've worked on many projects focusing on animation, character/logo design, but are no strangers to illustration, web design, story boarding and comic books.  We like to create innovative designs that reflect the character of our clients, their companies and products.  If we can get our hands dirty in the process of doing our job (think paint, ink, paper...) then so much the better.

Ariel's focus is Graphic Design, Visual Effects, and Animation, while Songgu does Illustration and Character Design. Of course we cross-pollinate as necessary :)  

Past clients include: Lionsgate Pictures, Gnomon School of VIsual Effects, Digital Domain, MTV Productions, Cartoon Network, Force! Extreme Antimation!, King Robot, titmouse, inc., Mutato Muzika, Wild Canary, Martian Labs, and others.

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